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"WISCO made" silicon will be applied to contribute to the new energy vehicle motors reduce body weight

November 24, reporters learned from the Wuhan Iron and Steel, non-oriented silicon steel for electric vehicles in Wuhan Steel shares three new products for the first time through the silicon steel plate success.

This means that if the trial goes well, the fastest in three months, "Wuhan Iron and Steel made" silicon will be applied to the new energy vehicle motor. The success of the board through the thin gauge product special is that breakthrough success of the transition between the design limits, plate and sheet.

WISCO Silicon Steel Department official says, this is an important technological innovation, domestic non-oriented silicon steel thinnest thickness of about 0.18 mm, Wuhan with mass production capacity.

Thin gauge non-oriented silicon is a functional soft magnetic material, because of its loss at high frequency excitation conditions of low, high permeability, low noise, and other fine magnetic properties, and the corresponding economy, it has become the electromagnetic conversion device "high "" spirit "and" the main material sharp "core precision manufacturing field. Mainly used in military and scientific fields, belonging to domestic and foreign enterprises monopoly few products, but with frequency conversion technology and new energy development, the domestic demand soared.

Non-oriented silicon steel applied to the new energy vehicles, on the one hand help to reduce body weight, on the other hand fast motor running speed, and explosion-proof.

2015 outbreak of new energy vehicles. According to statistics the whole motor vehicle factory certification, the first three quarters of this year, cumulative production of new energy vehicles 156,200, an increase of 300%. Benefit from the rapid growth of new energy vehicles, industry estimates that by 2020, new energy vehicle motor market size of up to 200 billion yuan.

Wuhan Iron and silicon steel has always been a high-quality products. In the first half of this year, Wuhan Iron and silicon steel division exceeded profit goals, all five varieties of high-end brands All rates sharply higher than last year. 0.23 mm, 0.27 mm and 0.30 mm thickness specifications of the three kinds of high-end oriented silicon steel (HiB steel) production in the beginning of the year increased nearly four times the Chuangxiao billion.

Previously, Wuhan Iron and non-oriented silicon steel used in the West-including the first domestic super high speed explosion-proof motors, the Three Gorges Project 700MW class large-scale hydro, and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo bus motor.

    July 31, 2015, Shandong Depuda Electric Co., Ltd. in the country SME share transfer system formally. The successful listing marks have Puda Motor has taken a substantial leap-step to the capital markets, and laid a solid foundation for the company to develop faster and better.

    Puda Motor Company was mainly engaged in electric vehicle drive development, production and sale of electrical products, and its products are widely used in small electric vehicles and other fields. The company has made compulsory certification National Car Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. In 2010 the company set up a "micro Zibo West - have Puda Motor Institute," 2012 in Zibo City Science and Technology Bureau identified as "short-distance pure electric passenger vehicles in Zibo City Electrical Engineering Technology Research Center", research and production in the motor go the forefront of the industry, the development of electric vehicles, multi-purpose motor through the results of identification of the products in Shandong Province Science and Technology Department, the leading domestic level, eight involved in the development of national standards and industry standards.

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